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Jamesville Christian Church (formerly Disciples of Christ) was established in 1888, and was then enrolled in the North Carolina Christian Missionary Convention. The building that was dedicated March 30, 1888, still stands on the South side of the railroad tracks on NC 171 Highway.  That building was used until 1951, at which time a new building was dedicated on the present site  (1134 St. Andrews Street).  The 1951 building served the church until August 1, 2011, when fire totally destroyed the sanctuary and education building. On December 9, 2012, we had our first worship service in the new building. We had the formal dedication of the new structure on January 27, 2013. It was a glorious day, with nearly 400 people in attendance from all across our state and beyond.

All through its history, the congregation has been a loving congregation, concerned with helping those in need. When we had the fire, we had such an outpouring of love and assistance from places near and far, that we became even more aware of how God works through his people to show love and service to those in crisis. It was a stressful time for us, but never had we been more aware of the presence of God with us, or of God's work through others. We have been blessed beyond measure.

As we look to the future, it is our prayer that we will be transformed into all Christ wants us to be, and that through us, His love and grace will be extended to all people we are privileged to encounter. It is our hope that all who come here will find a warm welcome and genuine love. It is also our hope that you will join us in serving our Lord Jesus Christ.


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